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Mayra Flores De Marcotte

A geeky mom, social media nerd, PR Pro and multimedia journalist in the Silicon Valley. Chronic documentarian, occasional gardener and enthusiastic listener of stories, I split my time between learning new things and [re]discovering life through my 10-year-old's eyes.


And It Started With a Parking Lot ...

A single chain stretches from one side of the driveway to the other. The parking lot that Campbell residents and visitors had used for nearly 11 years (and were ticketed in) was closed suddenly on July 1. Both residents and local businesses were left in the dark, and customers were left circling for parking.
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Eric Victorino Tells Campbell to Stay Weird

For Eric Victorino of the musical ensemble The Limousines, Campbell was a gritty place to grow up in, but a place his heart never left. Streets without sidewalks, skateboarding, coffee shops and liquor stores with questionable customer service--all these embedded into Victorino's childhood memories and onto the pages of his 2005 collection of poetry "Coma Therapy."
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They Said Yes to the Prom Dress

The line outside as Gabrielle Medrano's employees drove up to the downtown Campbell business startled the women, not knowing what to expect from their earlier of deeply discounted and free (with a 3.5 grade-point average or higher) prom dresses to local high schools. The store sold 22 dresses and gave 16 for free on April 1.
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The Story Behind The Guys Selling Fruit On the Street Corners

You see them around town as soon as the weather turns nice. Fruit vendors on street corners -- strawberries first, then oranges, melons and a wide variety of other natural delicacies. In Campbell, on the corner of McGlincy Lane and Curtner Avenue and Curtner Avenue and Shamrock Drive, you often see a pair of vendors sitting in the sun with their fruit, hoping to sell the items straight from farms in Watsonville and Gilroy before they go bad.

'There Are Too Many Kids Killing Themselves'

Pott, a 15-year-old Saratoga High School sophomore, tried to commit suicide last September after learning she had been sexually assaulted when she had passed out at a party and a photo of the attack was posted online. Ann Brownell's daughter, Amanda, also tried to end her life four years ago after allegedly being bullied at Del Mar High School.
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Campbell Spelling Bee Champs Don't Need Spellcheck

These words definitely aren't part of your average teenage cell phone/text lingo. The Campbell Union School District held its fifth annual district-wide Spelling Bee Wednesday night and these were just a few of the words spellers endured during the 20-round competition. Fifteen students, five from each of the district's three middle schools—Campbell, Monroe and Rolling Hills—competed for top honors Jan. 23.

Willow Glen Adobe provides link to area's past

The off-white Monterey Colonial looks out of place at the busy industrial leg of Lincoln Avenue. An all-American white-picket fence guards the 1844 structure from speeding cars, while a mission black fig tree's lush canopy hides the adjacent adobe that is attached to the home. Both dwellings have managed to defy time and the changes that have sprung up around them, becoming a rare gem and portal into the area's past.
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San Jose's Gardner neighborhood finds itself on the other side of the tracks — again

Most residents in Willow Glen's Gardner District say they aren't opposed to bringing California's high-speed rail through San Jose; they just don't want to sacrifice their homes for it — and are prepared to make sure history does not repeat itself in the neighborhood. Many times during the past 101 years, Gardner has picked up the pieces after massive transportation projects.
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Gardner neighborhood residents work with their councilman to bring lights back

Debbie Wade has lived in the Gardner neighborhood in Willow Glen for the last 18 years. When she noticed the streetlights go dark one by one, she began inquiring with the city when they would be fixed. The months passed and the pedestrian streetlamps around the perimeter of the park began following suit, going dark until the entire park was unlit.
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A Campbell Tree Lighting for Dad

For 22 years, the city of Campbell gathered together to light the redwood trees and officially welcome the start of the holiday season. The lighting ceremony started off at the corner of Campbell Avenue and Winchester Boulevard, in front of the and the 55-foot Redwood planted nearly 100 years ago. About eight to 10 years ago, the celebration was moved closer to the downtown, in front of Campbell City Hall and the , with the Redwood on the .
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The Story Behind Nido Drive's Lights

Just behind the along Winchester Boulevard, an apartment complex elicits wows and smiles from residents of all ages as its holiday lights turn on, one section by one and light up Nido Drive. Signage out front beckon passer bys to stop, park and come inside. “Noela Peace” glows from a sign at the center of it all and cherubs near the complex’s entrance welcome visitors.
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Campbell's First Filipino Postmaster

The US Postal Service in Campbell has a long and rich history, filled with many firsts. According to Jeanette Watson's book, Campbell the Orchard City in 1885, Benjamin Campbell was appointed first Campbell Postmaster. In 1895, Louisa Weitzenberg became the first woman postmaster in Campbell. In 1897, Campbell became the first rural route established in the West Coast.
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Mayra Flores De Marcotte

I enjoy communication and find it a vital part of building community. This has been at the core of my career. A more informed community is a more effective and cohesive one. And these communities become quality audiences and advocates.

I have fine-tuned my skills in most forms of communication and storytelling through traditional and online media, digital, social media and public relations.

My specialties include team and community management; social media strategy and management; digital content strategy, creation and curation; and digital analytics and measurement.



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