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Mayra Flores De Marcotte

A geeky mom, social media nerd, PR Pro and multimedia journalist in the Silicon Valley. Chronic documentarian, occasional gardener and enthusiastic listener of stories, I split my time between learning new things and [re]discovering life through my 10-year-old's eyes.


Campbell's First Filipino Postmaster

The US Postal Service in Campbell has a long and rich history, filled with many firsts. According to Jeanette Watson's book, Campbell the Orchard City in 1885, Benjamin Campbell was appointed first Campbell Postmaster. In 1895, Louisa Weitzenberg became the first woman postmaster in Campbell. In 1897, Campbell became the first rural route established in the West Coast.
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Campbell Vice Mayor Evan Low Helps Engage Local Youth in Electoral Process

The youth commissions of the cities of Saratoga and Cupertino are putting on a "Politics and Pizza" event Wednesday night. The event, a simulated presidential debate, is aimed at offering local youth a chance to see the electoral process on the local level. Campbell Vice Mayor Evan Low will be portraying President Barack Obama and Saratoga Mayor Chuck Page will be portraying Mitt Romney.
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City Renews Two-Year Contract with Urban Village Farmers' Market Association

Campbell City Council unanimously approved the two-year renewal of its contract with Urban Village Farmers' Market Association at its Tuesday night meeting, allowing the operator to continue to run the downtown Campbell Farmers' Market until Dec. 31, 2014. The move was made to accommodate downtown merchants during the holiday shopping season.
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'Whoever Sits in This Office Next Will Be a Very Lucky Person'

The friendly people, sense of community and genuineness appealed to Amy Brown when she first visited Campbell a little more than a year ago. The Kansas City native (on the Kansas side, she clarifies) applied for the City Manager position after Dan Rich announced he'd be leaving for the city of Mountain View.
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Bed Bug Reports on the Rise in Santa Clara County

A report of bed bugs found at a Campbell Starbucks has left many itchy. According to the Santa Clara County Vector Control District, "bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and other animals. They leave itchy, red bites that can become infected if scratched, but bedbugs are not known to transmit diseases."
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Modest Surplus in Campbell's Budget Forecast for 2013

It's that time of year. The city of Campbell is looking at its operating and capital budget from 2012 and readying to approve a new one for 2013 at its June 19 city council meeting. Jesse Takahashi, Campbell Finance Director corresponded with Campbell Patch on the 2011-12 budget, the highs and lows for the year and what 2013 will look like.
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Campbell's Hacienda Avenue is Getting a 'Green' Facelift

Potholes, cracks, uneven surfaces are all enough to irritate the calmest of drivers. In Campbell, this is the description of Hacienda Avenue. The Campbell City Council and city’s civil engineers don't deny this. But things are about to change for this tired stretch of road. At the council meeting on Sept. 6, Vice Mayor Mike Kotowski removed an item regarding Hacienda Avenue from the consent calendar, because he wanted to add a few comments.
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Conversation Begins On Smoking Bans in Campbell

Find an informational packet for the city of Campbell, and you’ll hear that 44.1 percent of residents possess a bachelor’s degree or higher, well above the average across the United States. But there's at least one subject where Campbell failed to make the grade: the American Lung Association’s Tobacco Control report.
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City Council Gives Itself 5% Pay Increases

The Campbell City Council has adjusted its pay this month with a raise. On June 5, the council approved a 5 percent pay increase that would bring their $590.39 a month up to $619.90 a month effective Jan. 7, 2013. The additional money will be built into the 2012-13 budget. The only dissenting councilman was Jeff Cristina.
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San Jose's Strong Neighborhoods Initiative dealing with big hit from state takeaway

The reality of the San Jose Redevelopment Agency's budget is hitting home for many neighborhoods throughout the city. This summer, state officials approved legislation to take $2.05 billion from agencies statewide in order to close a $24.1 billion state budget deficit. San Jose's share amounts to $75 million. Link to Story

San Jose's parks and recreation department looks to ways to keep community centers open

For the last 10 years, Marlean Sanchez has walked her two daughters over to Washington United Community Center to take folkloric dance lessons—for no cost. The two have been swirling their skirts and tapping their feet since they were 3 years old, but now the curtain is threatening to come down. Washington is one of 21 community centers of the city's 57 that has been slotted for possible closure due to San Jose's projected $118.5 million budget deficit.
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Campbell Names San Francisco City Administrator Amy Brown New City Manager

After an extensive search and 60 applications, Campbell has a new city manager. San Francisco City and County Acting City Administrator Amy Brown was selected to be the next Campbell City Manager today. The city council will vote on the appointment and contract on Dec. 6. “The City Council is extremely pleased to have selected a City Manager with the skills and experience Amy brings to the table," said Campbell Mayor Jason Baker in a release.
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Mayra Flores De Marcotte

I enjoy communication and find it a vital part of building community. This has been at the core of my career. A more informed community is a more effective and cohesive one. And these communities become quality audiences and advocates.

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