Mayra Flores De Marcotte

Multimedia Journalist

San Jose, CA

Mayra Flores De Marcotte

A geeky mom, social media nerd, PR Pro and multimedia journalist in the Silicon Valley. Chronic documentarian, occasional gardener and enthusiastic listener of stories, I split my time between learning new things and [re]discovering life through my 10-year-old's eyes.


Campbell Reacts to Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Wednesday that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, a declaration that pleased local elected officials and and residents in Campbell. "It is a great day to be a gay American and to finally, after 19 years together, for my partner Bruce and I to finally get equal recognition by the our government," says Campbell Vice Mayor Rich Waterman.
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Livermore Residents Remember Their First Dog

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." Roger Caras. Monday, Aug. 26 is National Dog Day and Livermore Patch Editor Mayra Flores De Marcotte asked Facebook readers if they remembered their first dog. My first dog was an overly excited Doberman/German Shepherd mix named Popis that loved my family and I with every shake of his tail.
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Why Do You Love Campbell?

There are just so many reasons to love the Orchard City so we decided to give you, the reader a chance at letting the world know. Every day, we will publish a different reason to love Campbell, as told by residents and fans of Campbell in our "bulletin" section of the site--right at the top of the page.
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Remembering 9/11: Campbell Shares Where They Were That Morning

Patch sites around the country are recalling the stories and tragedies that befell our towns after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. A decade later, the memory of that day still has a strong effect on the daily lives of people throughout the United States and the world. What are some ways that your life has changed after 9/11?
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What is the Most Popular Halloween Candy for Tri-Valley Residents?

The age-old question: Candy Corn or Tootsie Rolls, which of these two classic confections is king? Livermore Patch Facebook readers chimed in and agreed that Candy Corn rules their Halloween list. Out of 44 votes, 19 named the corn the best while 15 claimed Tootsie Rolls the better candy. Seven readers said neither was any good, some even adding a "Yuck."
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Mayra Flores De Marcotte

I enjoy communication and find it a vital part of building community. This has been at the core of my career. A more informed community is a more effective and cohesive one. And these communities become quality audiences and advocates.

I have fine-tuned my skills in most forms of communication and storytelling through traditional and online media, digital, social media and public relations.

My specialties include team and community management; social media strategy and management; digital content strategy, creation and curation; and digital analytics and measurement.



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